Galang Stories & Essays

Rumpus Original Fiction: The Typhoon is a Hurricane
Celit pushed the cart, pulling tins of sardines, Vienna sausage, and Spam from the shelves. She took the last carton of Saltine crackers and grabbed several liters of cola.
NonFiction Feature : ‘The flight of Lola Catalina Lorenzo: In the Philippines, “comfort women” demand long-delayed justice’
“Where is our apology? How long must we wait?” demands Lola Catalina Lorenzo, who tells me her harrowing story
NonFiction Feature: ‘What the Conversation Around Alex Tizon’s Atlantic Essay Is Missing’
A day before its cover story went live, the Atlantictweeted, “Coming tomorrow: Lola’s story by Alex Tizon.”
Short Story: ‘America, Still Beautiful’
Carmen leaned back in her recliner, feet twitching. Her toes were dry and itchy. Her knees ached. Outside the sun had set early, even for November.
Short story: ‘Holy Thursday’ from the collection in progress STRENGTH IS THE WOMAN
Soledad massaged Lola E’s forearm, ran her thumb through the thick of the old lady’s yellow skin. The wrinkles were fine.