Friends of Lolas

When Japanese P.M. Abe said there wasn’t enough evidence to prove Japanese Imperial Armies coerced 400,000 women and girls into WWII rape camps, I wanted him to meet Liga ng mga Lolang Pilipina, the League of Filipina Grandmothers (LILA Pilipina). They are living evidence. So I created LABAN! Fight for Comfort Women! Now I join FRIENDS OF the Lolas as they continue their fight for justice. FRIENDS OF LOLAS supports the mission of the women of LILA Pilipina and all “Comfort Women.” Read on.

Her Wild American Pinay

I speak good English? Your brother married Japanese? I live in Miami. I grew up in Milwaukee. Where am I FROM from? I was born in Harrisburg. I look Vietnamese? My parents were Philippine immigrants. Now they’re U.S. citizens. My brothers are naturalized citizens. Their children are all that makes the U.S. good. This blog is dedicated to their Filpino/German/Irish/English/Peruvian/Chinese American Selves. And to my good English as I explore the world around me. Enjoy and thanks for stopping in.