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Screaming Monkeys

When a restaurant review referred to a Filipino child as a “rambunctious little monkey,” Filipino Americans were outraged. Sparked by this racist incident, Screaming Monkeys sets fire to Asian American stereotypes as it illuminates the diverse and often neglected history and culture within the Asian American diaspora. Poems, essays, paintings, and stories break down and challenge found articles, photographs, and headlines to create this powerful anthology with all the immediacy of social protest. By closely critiquing a wealth of material, including the judge’s statement of apology in the Wen Ho Lee case, the media treatment of serial killer Andrew Cunanan, and the image of Asian Americans in major U.S. marketing campaigns, Screaming Monkeys will inspire all its readers.

Screaming Monkeys is the winner of the Gustavus Meyers Outstanding Book Award in the Advancement of Human Rights and the 2003 Foreword Magazine Anthology of the Year Award.

Discussion Guides:

Screaming Monkeys - Discussion Questions

You’ve just completed reading—or reading around in—Screaming Monkeys: Critiques of Asian American Images.You probably enjoyed some pieces, laughed out loud, or learned something new. Other works might have left you angry or defensive, wanting to start an argument. <br><br> What follows is intended to help you construct a bigger picture to frame your reading. It posesmore questions than it provides neat summaries: it asks you to debate the authors, to take them on, to investigate their meanings. It includes “found” quotations that are meant to inspire, provoke, or amuse. In some cases, it pushes you to seek other avenues of inquiry beyond this printed page.

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" The juxtaposition of creative modes-fiction, poetry, essay, art with advertisements and critical pieces-provides a nuanced perspective of the vexed position of Asian Americans in mainstream America, and obliges us to rethink our manner of cultural classifications. The range and quality of the contributions is to be applauded… it allows Asian Americans to speak for themselves, though an extraordinary assemblage of artistic modes. "

- The Asian American Book Review

" A comprehensive reflection on the Asian American experience that transcends reaction in addressing everything from blatant racism, commercial exploitation, to the claim of innocence in ignorance on the part of mainstream America. "

- Asian American Press

" Screaming Monkeys performs one of the most challenging, yet culturally rewarding subversions of prevailing stereotypes of Asian Americans in contemporary mass media. This outstandingly comprehensive document takes the pulse of a critical contradiction in American self-perception, and attempts to adjust an unfocused lens. The juxtaposition of creative modes˜fiction, poetry, essay, art with advertisements and critical pieces˜provides a nuanced perspective of the vexed position of Asian Americans in mainstream America, and obliges us to rethink our manner of cultural classifications. Galang's intelligent and thoughtful anthology is a vital contribution to the development of Asian American cultural studies. "

- Rocia G. Davis

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- Iowa State Daily

- The Asian Reporter

- The Asian American Book Review

- Susanne Lee

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